Iain Rauch - Portfolio

2017 - HTTP OK?

Created a website that checks if your internet connection is working. Useful when connected to a WiFi access point that requires registration. If the access point redirects HTTP pages (e.g. because you haven't accepted the T&Cs yet) it will inform you of the redirect URL. If it is blocking HTTPS, it will also inform you.


2010 - Phonetic Alphabet

Created a webpage that takes a given input and shows the phonetic alphabet words for it. Useful when talking to someone who doesn't understand you. Can be saved to the home screen on iOS and opened without a network connection.


2009 - Data Collection Tool

Final year university project. Browser based application to allow collection of data by injury prevention researchers. Incorporates Gears to enable offline data collection while on location.

Data Collection Tool - Safari 4 Mac Data Collection Tool - Collect Data Data Collection Tool - Graph of Data

COC251 (Not available online)

2008 - BD Regions

Created a website listing which Blu-ray discs are region free. Uses geolocation to target 'buy' links for the users' location.


2008 - Radio Brockley

Created a content management system for Radio Brockley to allow their pages to be created and modified without technical knowledge. CSS templated to allow visual change without altering script pages. Online catalogue of records for search and running order creation. Produced as a PDF via LaTeX.


2007 - Games

Countdown and times tables.

Countdown | Times Tables

2005 - PS2ools

Set up an e-commerce website based on ZenCart.


2004 - Skyline Select Ltd

Setup a company and e-commerce website using osCommerce. Added modules and admin tools such as to print address labels.