Dec 30

Over the holidays, I rebuild my CCTV server. Rather than trying to reuse the installation from the previous disk, I thought it’d be easier just to install everything fresh. Hence, I followed the instructions on the ZoneMinder Wiki.

Following on from this rebuild, I was tidying up my custom viewers which had hard-coded monitor IDs. Of course the correct way to do this would be via an API. Is there an API in ZoneMinder? Well according to the “latest” docs, it should be included since 1.27.

[code lang=”bash”]curl http://wiggum/zm/api/monitors.json
…404 Not Found…[/code]

So I checked if it was actually there or not:

[code lang=”bash”]iain@wiggum:~$ ls /usr/share/zoneminder/
ajax  cgi-bin  css  db  events  graphics  images  includes  index.php  js  lang  skins  sounds  temp  tools  views[/code]


Not sure why it’s not there, you can see it on GitHub, but here’s how I solved it until the package is updated properly. (I’m omitting the use of sudo where needed.)

[code lang=”bash”]cd /usr/src
git clone –branch release-1.28 zoneminder-1.28
mkdir zoneminder-1.28/web/api/app/tmp
chown www-data:www-data zoneminder-1.28/web/api/app/tmp[/code]

[code lang=”bash”]vi zoneminder-1.28/web/api/.htaccess[/code]
Add: RewriteBase /zm/api

[code lang=”bash”]vi zoneminder-1.28/web/api/app/webroot/.htaccess[/code]
Add: RewriteBase /zm/api

[code lang=”bash”]cd zoneminder-1.28/web/api/app/Config/
cp core.php.default core.php
cp database.php.default database.php
vi database.php[/code]
Change the database settings (host, login, database, password) to match: /etc/zm/zm.conf

[code lang=”bash”]vi /etc/apache2/conf-available/zoneminder-api.conf[/code]
Add the following:
[code]Alias /zm/api /usr/src/zoneminder-1.28/web/api
<Directory /usr/src/zoneminder-1.28/web/api>
Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
AllowOverride All
Require all granted

Enable the conf, restart apache and you’re done:
[code lang=”bash”]a2enconf zoneminder-api
apachectl graceful[/code]

Don’t forget to enable mod_rewrite if it isn’t already:
[code lang=”bash”]a2enmod rewrite[/code]

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